Tim Ferriss Podcast

A favorite blog/ podcast personality, Tim Ferris interviews Ryan Flaherty, Senior Director at Nike Performance on improving athlete’s performance.

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“Don’t buy complexity; the simpler you make your training, the better the results become.”
– Ryan Flaherty

“Ryan Flaherty (@ryanflaherty1) is the Senior Director of Performance at Nike. Prior to holding that position, Ryan was the Founder and President of Prolific Athletes LLC, a sports performance facility in San Diego, California, where he trained some of the world’s best athletes. His clients include Serena Williams, Russell Wilson, the Arizona Cardinals, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, and hundreds of other professional athletes.

While he is well known for dramatically improving his athletes’ speed, more and more athletes (and coaches) seek Ryan out for his training and guidance on injury prevention. Many of Ryan’s clients have made remarkable recoveries from injuries, and several NFL teams and European soccer clubs have sought his methodology to implement into their training programming.

Ryan developed an algorithm called “Force Number” that is based on the hex (or trap) bar deadlift and body weight to predict speed such as the forty-yard dash.

In this discussion, we talk about exercises for reducing injury potential, how Ryan uses the Force Number, what his workouts look like from warmup to finish, how he helped Meb Keflezighi train for his Boston Marathon victory, how to go from sprinting to long distance running, and lots more.

Whether you’re trying to become a better athlete or just less injured from your workouts in any type of training, you’ll want to check out this conversation with Ryan Flaherty, the Savant of Speed!”



A Little Meditation

From our favorite girl, Julie….A podcast on One Mind About Meditation. 

Julie shares a little about her first “real” meditation experience and how it led her down a path of teaching meditation.

Listen here to her podcast:

Julie Hunt is a Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor passionately devoted to helping people live healthier and happier stress free lives, using the tools of meditation, yoga and Ayurveda. She has inspired thousands of people as a teacher, coach, entrepreneur and author of Shout from the Rooftops in Your Stilettos.

She teaches regularly at the Chopra Center’s Perfect Health program and hosts
workshops and retreats in Philadelphia and San Diego. She has served on The
Chopra Center’s leadership team as Senior Manager of Digital Products where she
helped to bring online programs to life featuring Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle,
Martha Beck, Dr. Andrew Weil, and others. She enthusiastically shares great knowledge and simple techniques to help people tap into infinite possibilities and remember their true nature, which is perfection.


Julie’s Website
Julie’s Email
Free access to Julie’s eCourse Spontaneous Meditation
Free meditation hosted by Julie at the Chopra Center at the Carlsbad in San Diego on Thursday Mornings at 7:45am.


OM081: Julie Hunt Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor

Wellness Festivals

We live in a time of “festivals” and special gatherings for almost anything imaginable. We grew up going to music or film festivals, but now there are festivals for any interest or passion. There are festivals for seafood, skateboarding, cultural celebrations, beer, and seasons, to name a few. There are even vegan festivals. I know this to be true because my friend Sheila and her husband attended such a festival in LA this weekend.

Since Amy and I have had precarious reactions to our most recent vegan meals–mine had me in head to toe hives and Amy’s landed her in the ER on our Spartans Adventure in Palm Beach–the very thought of a vegan festival had me scratching my imaginary hives. But it also had me wondering what one does at a vegan festival? For Sheila and her husband–both eager vegan festival participants–the specific agenda wasn’t particularly important, it was about being with like-minded people around a culinary and lifestyle choice they embraced and that made them feel good. This actually made a great deal of sense to me as I have come to love Wellness Festivals for these very reasons!

Wellness Festivals are for anyone and everyone who care about living a full and abundant life and being their best selves. Every wellness festival is different. If you attend Goop in NYC or LA you can expect to hear from interesting new age speakers, drink bone broth, get a vitamin injection and possibly a beauty treatment. At GoodFest you can expect to spend the day with 200 millenials in a chic and upcoming area of the city, like Fishtown, and listen to influencers about wellness trends.

Amy and I have made a habit of attending various wellness festivals and taking copious notes about what we like and don’t like and how we would do it differently. Last November was our first B Inspired Wellness Festival at Balance, and on May 5 we will host our third wellness festival–second in Philadelphia–at Balance from 10-2:30.


B Inspired May 5th Philly Wellness Festival Tickets


Here is what wellness festivals mean to us. Wellness Festivals are about exercising, meditating, learning something new and inspiring, trying healthy foods, shopping in a marketplace featuring local favorites and being with an amazing community of like-minded people of all ages. We have experts in mindfulness, meditation, endurance sports, yoga, nutrition and cooking–all coming to share their thoughts, gifts and inspiration. Join us….it is more than a wellness festival. It’s a feel-good, exercise-meditation-inspiration fusion community event and it is so much fun!

Balance Trainer Spotlight: Alec Tressler

Balance Trainer, Alec Tressler, shares his workout week and how he manages to find the time with a busy schedule.  His strong work ethic is a great influence on the students he trains during the day at Penn Charter.

“I am going to do today what other people are not willing to. So, I can do tomorrow what other people can’t”

I live everyday with this mantra at the forefront of my mind. This is not only my approach to my training but to every aspect of my life. It took me quite a while to develop this mentality. In fact, up until my late junior year of college my mindset was to get by the easiest way possible. Once I spent time at Mississippi State I really matured into the person that I am today.
My approach to training is always dependent on time. Time is always the limiting factor that comes up in any conversations that I have about training. I have an extremely busy schedule so time is incredibly important to me. Any free time is an opportunity to do something. No two weeks of training ever look exactly the same but the base of what I try to do is always the same. This is a look inside how each week might look for me. For reference, I usually split my lift (strength) sessions into 3-4 days a week. Nutrition is the key to everything that I do. Like driving a car, you would not get anywhere with no or bad fuel.

This is one of my less busy days of the week so I try to take advantage of it. I usually start my Mondays with a morning session of cardio, so elliptical, biking, running or rowing are examples of what I might be doing. These sessions usually last between 20 and 45 minutes depending on my schedule. Later that day I will do my first strength session of the week. The emphasis for this lift is dynamic effort lower body. So in this lift I will do the most amount of my Olympic lifting. I usually finish this lift with a Metcon (crossfit term for metabolic conditioning) around 10-15 minutes.
Tuesdays are one of my two busiest days of the week. I usually start around 6am and finish around 8pm. While I am at Balance, I like to try to get in a session of mobility and stretching a little bit of recovery. Then mid morning between 8-10(if possible) I like to get in another cardio session between 20-30 minutes similar to the previous day. Later in the day I like to do some sort of Metcon, usually between 20-30 minutes. The reason I like these Metcons, is because they give me a way to compete and give me a tangible goal to beat so I push myself harder every time; also because they are extremely tough and taxing. They are usually made up of a variety of body weight and core exercises.
This is usually a one session day, I will do my first upper body lift of the week today. The emphasis of this day is dynamic effort (speed) again. My preference when I strength train is to train with pretty high intensity to keep my heart rate up. If the opportunity comes at the end of the day I try to get in another 20-30 minutes of cardio in. Sometimes Tuesday and Wednesday’s training schedule are flipped.

Thursdays schedule is identical to Tuesday, my class schedule varies a little but the hours are the same. Like Tuesday I like to start my day my doing my recovery at Balance. On this day I like to get my lift session in first. The emphasis for this lower body lift is max effort. So I will still start with an Olympic lifting progression but this is when I like to do my heaviest compound movements. Towards the end of the day, I like to get another cardio session in between 20-45 minutes.
Fridays are one of my less busy days usually, depending on my class schedule. I like to start Fridays similar to Mondays with a session of cardio, usually 20-45 minutes. Later in the day I will do another longer Metcon between 20-30 minutes. Before an after that workout I will spend a lot of time foam rolling and working on mobility.
Do not get me wrong, I love weekends but I am a creature of habit and weekends are always unpredictable for me. I will do my second upper body lift on Saturday; the emphasis for this lift is max effort. I will finish this lift with a Metcon as well. My Metcons that go along with a lift usually contain accessory lifts that I would program in anyways.
Sunday like Saturday is unpredictable, so I never know week to week where I might be. Sundays are days that I like to recover so I might do 1 maybe 2 separate sessions of cardio to get my heart rate up and to get blood flowing to my muscles to prepare for the new week. 


Val’s Saturday Inspiration

Balance Instructor, Val Bergman, is our in house “pro”- seriously, Val can teach any and every class we offer. 

Val swam growing up and her team mantra was “Pain is temporary but Pride is forever” and she lives that mantra EVERY day.  Even though her workouts have changed, she says “I always want to feel proud of my accomplishments”

Val is on for a triple threat class Saturday— Cycle, B Strong and B Fit. Get your  Spring inspiration tomorrow from Val!  Register through Mindbody at www.balancech.com 


Spring IS Here

[Vlog #18] 5 Beauty Boosting Spring Veggies!

Vlog from our LA Festival featured speaker, Kimberley Snyder.

“Welcome to spring! We made it! Depending where you live, we got out of the harsh, cold winter and now this amazing exciting time of year where there’s more growing. You see it in nature. You see more variety and more leafy-ness happening at the farmer’s market — which is of course very exciting.

Whether it’s the farmer’s market or your local market where you conveniently shop, I want to talk today to you about five beauty boosting veggies to look out for.

First I’ll say that rotation is really great to do to make sure you’re getting a variety of nutrients in your diet; it’s a great way to just get a full range of what we need for our beauty, our health, our vitality in general, and I do encourage rotating our greens in your Glowing Green Smoothie®.

Rotating the greens that you use in your salads, and the veggies that you cook with overall. So, now is the a great time to focus on the five, or weave them into five I’m gonna talk about today into your rotation at the moment.

The first one is cabbage. So easy to source and inexpensive. I’m a huge cabbage lover, you guys. I’ve talked about it quite a bit. I have different recipes with cabbage from our Probiotic & Enzyme Salad to our Mushroom & Napa Cabbage Lime Stir-fry.

I just think you’re getting huge bang for your buck with cabbage. It’s full of fiber, which isn’t just about cleansing. It actually nourishes your gut lining to help your gut produce the right short chain fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation and just keep your skin glowing. Just keep you nice and healthy and having all that energy and vitality.

Cabbage is also really high in vitamin C. It has different minerals. Don’t leave cabbage out of your cart when you’re going to the market. Use it in creative ways. I throw it in my soup. I use it in stir fry. I love having a head of cabbage in my fridge, and I do use it in different ways.

Number two is kale. And of course, kale got really trendy, especially a few years ago, but I still think kale, which is available even through the winter but now, especially in early Spring into late Spring and beyond. Kale is amazing!

If you can get baby kale at the farmer’s market, that’s a great way to get variety. There’s different kinds of kale. It’s so high in amino acids, minerals; it’s gonna make you strong; it’s going to help strengthen your hair and give you nice healthy skin.

What you wanna do with kale is throw some in your GGS in the rotation, and you can also make my Dharma’s Kale Salad, which is just mashing some avocado in there and lemon juice, a little bit of sea salt, some nutritional yeast. You can check out the recipe for the Dharma’s kale salad as well, here on kimberlysnyder.com.

It’s a wonderful way to get kale in, and I actually did a post where I planted my veggie garden, and I have a lot of kale. I have two different kinds of kale, so I’ll share that with you guys. I’m gonna eat a lot of kale salad this Spring especially.

The third veggie I wanna bring up is green beans. And green beans you’ll see at the markets as well now. It’s the time when you start to see them a lot. Other times of year too, but it’s just a great reminder that beans are high in vitamin K — you’re gonna get lots of different minerals from them and they’re a great veggie to rotate in.

I love to pair green beans particularly with quinoa, like in my Green Bean and Quinoa Casserole. You can do a nice little stir fry with cooking the quinoa then mixing them in with the beans, nice pop of green.

You’re gonna get all the protein from the quinoa. It’s a nice lunch. You could top it with, or toss it with some fresh greens like salad greens or romaine or arugula, and you’ll have a nice little meal. So, use those green beans right now especially.

The fourth is weeds, which sounds so funny because we think oh, we pluck up the weeds and we throw them away. But, weeds are really hearty resistant greens. You can see them in the farmer’s market. Personally, purslane it’s one of my favorites.

I started eating it when I was living in New York. I would go to the Union Square farmer’s market all the time and get it. Personally, it’s delicious. So, lamb’s quarter, dandelion greens — they’re very high in antioxidants. Throw some into your GGS. Throw them into your salad. Some are more bitter than others like the dandelion greens, so be careful. But wonderful to look out for.

The fifth veggie is okra. Yes, okra is a great one to look for this time of year. It’s high in folate and different minerals like manganese, vitamin K, and B vitamins, which are great for your hair and your skin.

We don’t always see it year round so this is a great time particularly to look out for it depending where you live, depending on what your local farmers are growing. You can use it in different veggie dishes. It just adds great variety and you can work it in.”




Please Save the Date!

B Inspired Wellness Festival

Saturday, May 5th, 2018

10am – 2pm at Balance/ Kismet

We have an incredible lineup for the day including workout sessions and presentations from the following:


Dr. Shari Elman / Intuitive Life Coachhttps://sharielman.com

Ted McDonald
Endurance Athlete, Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur

Dr. Kulvinder Kaur
Genome Scientist

Dr. Michael Baime
The founder and Director of the Penn Program for Mindfulness

Lauren Lobley
Delectable You Recipes for Life
Author of “Accidental Paleo”

Julie Hunt
Meditation Instructor
Author of “Shout from the Rooftop in your Stilettos”

Chrissy Dress
Owner/ Aesthetician at CURE de Repos

Melissa Magee/ Festival Emcee/ Channel 6ABC

Be sure to check the web site for B Inspired information:
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The Healing Self: Deepak Chopra

B Inspired had the opportunity to experience Deepak Chopra.  His latest book, Healing Self, is on our current must read list!  Healing self is about healing from the inside out through self care.

Deepak discussing how to activate self healing:


Our immune systems can no longer be taken for granted. Current trends in public healthcare are disturbing: our increased air travel allows newly mutated bacteria and viruses to spread across the globe, antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria outstrip the new drugs that are meant to fight them, deaths due to hospital-acquired infections are increasing, and the childhood vaccinations of our aging population are losing their effectiveness. Now more than ever, our well-being is at a dangerous crossroad.

But there is hope, and the solution lies within ourselves. The Healing Self is the new breakthrough book in self-care by bestselling author and leader in integrative medicine Deepak Chopra and Harvard neuroscientist Rudolph E Tanzi. They argue that the brain possesses its own lymphatic system, meaning it is also tied into the body’s general immune system.

Based on this brand new discovery, they offer new ways of increasing the body’s immune system by stimulating the brain and our genes, and through this they help us fight off illness and disease. Combined with new facts about the gut microbiome and lifestyle changes, diet and stress reduction, there is no doubt that this ground-breaking work will have an important effect on your immune system.

“Deepak Chopra, M.D., is one of the first pioneers of wellness and quite possibly the most widely recognized spirituality figure in the world. He began his career in the 1970s as an internist and went on to specialize in neuroendocrinology, the study of neuropeptides and neurotransmitters, which at the time was groundbreaking. That was just the beginning! Flash-forward to 2018, and he’s just released his latest book—one of at least 80 he’s written in his 71 years on Earth—called The Healing Self, all about empowering readers to be in control of their own health by managing stress and inflammation levels.