Wellness Festivals

We live in a time of “festivals” and special gatherings for almost anything imaginable. We grew up going to music or film festivals, but now there are festivals for any interest or passion. There are festivals for seafood, skateboarding, cultural celebrations, beer, and seasons, to name a few. There are even vegan festivals. I know this to be true because my friend Sheila and her husband attended such a festival in LA this weekend.

Since Amy and I have had precarious reactions to our most recent vegan meals–mine had me in head to toe hives and Amy’s landed her in the ER on our Spartans Adventure in Palm Beach–the very thought of a vegan festival had me scratching my imaginary hives. But it also had me wondering what one does at a vegan festival? For Sheila and her husband–both eager vegan festival participants–the specific agenda wasn’t particularly important, it was about being with like-minded people around a culinary and lifestyle choice they embraced and that made them feel good. This actually made a great deal of sense to me as I have come to love Wellness Festivals for these very reasons!

Wellness Festivals are for anyone and everyone who care about living a full and abundant life and being their best selves. Every wellness festival is different. If you attend Goop in NYC or LA you can expect to hear from interesting new age speakers, drink bone broth, get a vitamin injection and possibly a beauty treatment. At GoodFest you can expect to spend the day with 200 millenials in a chic and upcoming area of the city, like Fishtown, and listen to influencers about wellness trends.

Amy and I have made a habit of attending various wellness festivals and taking copious notes about what we like and don’t like and how we would do it differently. Last November was our first B Inspired Wellness Festival at Balance, and on May 5 we will host our third wellness festival–second in Philadelphia–at Balance from 10-2:30.


B Inspired May 5th Philly Wellness Festival Tickets


Here is what wellness festivals mean to us. Wellness Festivals are about exercising, meditating, learning something new and inspiring, trying healthy foods, shopping in a marketplace featuring local favorites and being with an amazing community of like-minded people of all ages. We have experts in mindfulness, meditation, endurance sports, yoga, nutrition and cooking–all coming to share their thoughts, gifts and inspiration. Join us….it is more than a wellness festival. It’s a feel-good, exercise-meditation-inspiration fusion community event and it is so much fun!

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