Balance Trainer Spotlight: Alec Tressler

Balance Trainer, Alec Tressler, shares his workout week and how he manages to find the time with a busy schedule.  His strong work ethic is a great influence on the students he trains during the day at Penn Charter.

“I am going to do today what other people are not willing to. So, I can do tomorrow what other people can’t”

I live everyday with this mantra at the forefront of my mind. This is not only my approach to my training but to every aspect of my life. It took me quite a while to develop this mentality. In fact, up until my late junior year of college my mindset was to get by the easiest way possible. Once I spent time at Mississippi State I really matured into the person that I am today.
My approach to training is always dependent on time. Time is always the limiting factor that comes up in any conversations that I have about training. I have an extremely busy schedule so time is incredibly important to me. Any free time is an opportunity to do something. No two weeks of training ever look exactly the same but the base of what I try to do is always the same. This is a look inside how each week might look for me. For reference, I usually split my lift (strength) sessions into 3-4 days a week. Nutrition is the key to everything that I do. Like driving a car, you would not get anywhere with no or bad fuel.

This is one of my less busy days of the week so I try to take advantage of it. I usually start my Mondays with a morning session of cardio, so elliptical, biking, running or rowing are examples of what I might be doing. These sessions usually last between 20 and 45 minutes depending on my schedule. Later that day I will do my first strength session of the week. The emphasis for this lift is dynamic effort lower body. So in this lift I will do the most amount of my Olympic lifting. I usually finish this lift with a Metcon (crossfit term for metabolic conditioning) around 10-15 minutes.
Tuesdays are one of my two busiest days of the week. I usually start around 6am and finish around 8pm. While I am at Balance, I like to try to get in a session of mobility and stretching a little bit of recovery. Then mid morning between 8-10(if possible) I like to get in another cardio session between 20-30 minutes similar to the previous day. Later in the day I like to do some sort of Metcon, usually between 20-30 minutes. The reason I like these Metcons, is because they give me a way to compete and give me a tangible goal to beat so I push myself harder every time; also because they are extremely tough and taxing. They are usually made up of a variety of body weight and core exercises.
This is usually a one session day, I will do my first upper body lift of the week today. The emphasis of this day is dynamic effort (speed) again. My preference when I strength train is to train with pretty high intensity to keep my heart rate up. If the opportunity comes at the end of the day I try to get in another 20-30 minutes of cardio in. Sometimes Tuesday and Wednesday’s training schedule are flipped.

Thursdays schedule is identical to Tuesday, my class schedule varies a little but the hours are the same. Like Tuesday I like to start my day my doing my recovery at Balance. On this day I like to get my lift session in first. The emphasis for this lower body lift is max effort. So I will still start with an Olympic lifting progression but this is when I like to do my heaviest compound movements. Towards the end of the day, I like to get another cardio session in between 20-45 minutes.
Fridays are one of my less busy days usually, depending on my class schedule. I like to start Fridays similar to Mondays with a session of cardio, usually 20-45 minutes. Later in the day I will do another longer Metcon between 20-30 minutes. Before an after that workout I will spend a lot of time foam rolling and working on mobility.
Do not get me wrong, I love weekends but I am a creature of habit and weekends are always unpredictable for me. I will do my second upper body lift on Saturday; the emphasis for this lift is max effort. I will finish this lift with a Metcon as well. My Metcons that go along with a lift usually contain accessory lifts that I would program in anyways.
Sunday like Saturday is unpredictable, so I never know week to week where I might be. Sundays are days that I like to recover so I might do 1 maybe 2 separate sessions of cardio to get my heart rate up and to get blood flowing to my muscles to prepare for the new week. 


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