Royal on the Mind

We are THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE that Light Watkins, Author of “Bliss More” (and Meghan Markle’s Meditation Instructor!), will be coming to Balance on Tuesday, June 26th for a special evening.  More details will follow shortly but in the meantime, please SAVE THE DATE.   This is a “royally” special event and we are grateful for the opportunity to offer this to our members!

Light’s Ted Talk

Limited Space. To Register for the event:






Seeing Stars. LA Be Well Fest

LA Wellness Festival was an incredible day of immersive wellness, filled with leading professionals in the health and wellness industry– all sharing the same message of how to live life as the best version of yourself.  Premiere runners, Sara and Ryan Hall, Mallika Chopra, Light Watkins, Christine Burke, and Kim Snyder are ROCKSTARS in the health and wellness world and we were honored to have them share their message.




Switzerland training and Birthday Celebrations

So this is what happens on your birthday when you are training for a B Inspired B Adventurous trip at Balance. You show up for the training and jump on the skill mill to warm up (more on the skill mill later) and when it is time for your group to appear for training you are diverted to the door to embark on a mystery run throughout Chestnut Hill with friends appearing on every block with balloons spelling INSPIRE.

“Inspire” is a word to describe how I feel when I train with the B Adventurous groups at Balance. My first trip to Utah was an adventure of a lifetime. Training in the Wissahickon trails at all hours of the morning and night to prepare for a 24-hour relay run in Zion National Park was exhilarating to say the least, but the camaraderie and friendships born out of the training experience were even more rewarding.

The smaller group training, Spartans race and trip to Palm Beach were nothing short of fabulous. Our training consisted of running trails, climbing ropes, moving heavy objects from one place to another, lifting weights and practicing on the monkey bars. The trip was like going on the most hilarious sober bachelorette party imaginable. We rode bikes with baskets, visited Amy in the ER after an allergic reaction to buckwheat (yes, buckwheat), ran alongside the ocean, meditated by the pool at the colony, spent hours talking over breakfast, lunch and dinner and laughed and laughed and laughed for four days.

I’m training for my third trip and this one will be a biking challenge from Switzerland into Germany and then back to Switzerland. We are a group of 15 with an age range of 25-71 (my mother is the 71 year old and she is every bit as fierce as the rest of the group!). Our training is intense and incredibly fulfilling. Let’s just say that Amy’s additional skill mill training from her winter weekend at Technogym in NYC is being put to use! We are building our strength and endurance in the gym, cycling outdoors and integrating meditation at last once a week. The group dynamics are amazing and I’m spending time with women I would not ordinarily see on a daily basis and I love every minute of it!

Training for a B Adventurous trip has been like a birthday celebration every week. There is always a surprise and you are surrounded by team and friends every step of the way.

For Purpose

There is purpose in everything we do – how we choose to raise our family and live our lives. There is great purpose in how we choose friends, where and how we work and what we do with our free time. So the idea of a “for–purpose” business model was fascinating to me. We have seen the for-purpose model in apparel like Tom’s shoes (the famous, buy a pair and give one away). Even our local favorite, Simplygoodjars, has a for-purpose model (buy a salad and for every returned jar a meal will go to the homeless in Philadelphia). When Amy and I dreamt up B Inspired, it was the for-purpose model we fell in love with and knew would be the model we create for our community.

Everything we do at B Inspired is about team and community. We train together, travel and embark on goals programs together. We visit the Barnes and the Ballet and listen to inspirational speakers and authors. We enrich our lives as a community of women and in turn we give the proceeds of B Inspired to the larger community of Philadelphia in which we live. We give back to local museums, the PA Ballet and educational non-profits for the underserved children in Philadelphia. We also give back to important organizations like LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) and LBBC (Living Beyond Breast Cancer).

This year, the first weekend in May is important for us at B Inspired and Balance. We have our wellness festival at Balance from 10-2 on Saturday, May 5, and proceeds will benefit LLBC. The following day a team of B Inspired and Balance women will run together in the Broad Street run with Team in Training for LLS. These two organizations are firmly rooted in wellness and health and we feel so passionate about their missions.

The for-purpose model helps us create meaningful experiences for our community of women and all of the Balance members, but to also contribute to other like-minded organizations. Come out to the wellness festival on Saturday and take part in this amazing day that will give back to such an inspiring and important organization like LBBC! It feels so good to be with the B Inspired and Balance team exercising, meditating and hearing from experts – and it feels even better to be giving back to an incredible organization that provides services and care for Breast Cancer patients, survivors and their families.



Sara and Ryan Hall with their 4 daughters at the LA Festival.  We have been fortunate to have both Sara and Ryan, premiere distance runners, participate in our festivals.  They Philly festival gave back to their foundation, The Hall Steps Foundation

What’s Happening Now

Strike a Balance Between Training and Life (Sara Hall)

Balance… our favorite topic, especially when our girl, Sara is giving advice! We love that Sara, one of America’s premiere distance runners is talking about the importance of balance, overtraining, and recovery.  A huge reason our personal trainers are equipped to help set fitness goals and create a roadmap to make your training successful and safe.  The pros will help you focus on smaller goals that are specific and realistic; they’re more attainable, setting you up to achieve the larger, more audacious goal.  We are extremely excited to watch Sara’s road to Boston… what a goal!

Read here:

Ryan and Sara Hall on the LA Well Fest

We are beyond excited for the Hall family to join us in LA for the Marlborough Wellness Festival.

About this power couple…Both were California high school superstars and All-Americans at Stanford University (where they met). Ryan has posted the best-ever American times in the Half Marathon and Marathon and has represented the US in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Sara was the 2012 US National Cross Country Champion and a Gold Medalist at the Panamerican Games in the steeplechase. She has represented the US at three World Indoor Track and Field Championships and a World Cross Country Championship.

As amazing as they are as runner we love their family story most.  Read more about their journey to become a a family here:


Listen Here:  Ryan and Sara on The LA Well Fest

Balance Trainer Spotlight: Carmen DelMastro

Balance Trainer & Instructor, Carmen DelMastro, is featured this week to share with you how he “balances” his fitness routine into his busy life.

Carmen’s career in the fitness industry began in 2012 and since that time he has held numerous positions – from a floor & small group trainer, to the personal training manager & director at a large health club.  He has also worked as an exercise physiologist at one of the top rehabilitation facilities in the Philadelphia area.

Growing up, sports were Carmen’s passion, and he dedicated his life to developing himself as an athlete. Unfortunately, there was one major obstacle that constantly stood in his way… injuries.  Time after time, he would find myself nursing ailments, completely ignorant to what was causing the pain in the first place.  This was the driving force inspiring his career change to personal training.

Carmen dedicated himself to functional training, where he has found himself in the best shape of his life – stronger & more flexible than ever – while focusing on injury rehabilitation and future injury prevention.  His goal is to help his clients achieve the same healthy physical balance of strength and flexibility and understand the body’s movement to best avoid injury and maximize performance and results.


Training for me has always kind of been programmed into my brain since I was a young kid trying to make as a professional baseball player. I have always been on a strict schedule and regardless of how busy or how stressed for time I am I always make it a priority to train myself during the day. It doesn’t have to be a long training session it just has to be as effective as possible whether it’s 20 minutes or 45 minutes.

I primarily like to focus on flexibility and mobility work to begin all of my workouts since I’ve suffered a various amounts of injuries during my time playing sports growing up this area of my workouts is vital for me. I than do a dynamic warmup which generally consists of sport specific movements whether it is to get my heart rate up or my fast twitch muscles firing.

I usually get into some type of compound exercise whether it’s deadlifts, bench press, front squats or hang cleans depending on the day. Throw in some accessory work to go along with the particular muscle group I did as my compound and that’s generally my workout for the day. I am also a plyometric fanatic so I do like to jump around from time to time. I generally am training anywhere between 5-6 times a week depending on how I am feeling for that particular week.